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Spotlight: The New Apartheid is Uglier than the First

Important: The word Jew is NOT in the Bible    Must Read: Life, Death, and the Afterlife

Correcting Manipulated History: A Brief History of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

Spiritual Fix For Troubled Marriages: Of Nagging Women and Angry Men

Politically Incorrect: How the Ashkenazi Jews conquered the West

Most Popular: The Truth about the Conflict with Russia

Mind-Boggling: Can a Man Have Many Wives?

Philosophical: Predestination and Free Will

Deception: Why Israelis Speak Hebrew

Current Affairs: What Trump Means

Futuristic: To Infinity and Beyond

Forewarning: Judgment Day

Very Distinctive:

Trump’s War Plans

David Duke, Zionist Stooge

Who’s a Goy or Gentile?

The Destroyers of the World

How Rabbinists became known as Jews

Explaining the Déjà Vu Phenomenon

Various Darknesses

Battered Women


Useful Anger

Romance Danger

The Meaning of Life

Social Reengineering

Mothers and their Sons

Origin of Races

Hearing God

The Long Arm of Government

Stirring the Immigration Pot

Will All Non-Christians Go to Hell?

Beware of Self-Appointed Church Prophets

Karma? Seriously?

Conspiracy Theory

Healing With The Right Diet

Is the Sept 11 bill the Death Knell for the US?

What’s Really Going On In The Middle East

Creating FAKE Terrorism

America’s Woes

The Pyramid of Power & the New World Order

Setting the Middle East on fire

The Star of David?

Sexual Deviancy

Virgin til Marriage

The Yearning for Fatherhood

Jesus and the Law

How to Pray


Who really killed Jesus?

Muslims and Talmudic Jews

What’s a Saint?

The Hebrew Disease

Of Kings and Queens

The Powers of Hell

Living with Mom and Dad

Finite and Infinite

Dating Traps

Were Early Christians Communists?

The Heavenly Body

Speaking in Tongues

Jesus and the Sword

Jews for Jesus?

Holy Land?


Was Shylock a Jew?

Reinventing the Concept of Empire

Kosher Food = Scam

Church Wolves Question Parental Authority

When Bad Things Happen

9/11, Christmas, and the Satanists

Jews and History: Lies Galore

Eden and the 4 Great Rivers

The Meaning of Dreams

The Coming Financial Cataclysm

Why we have an Immigration Problem

The Serpents and their Poison

Is the Pope Peter’s Successor?

Is Long Hair on Man a Disgrace?

Eden and the Land of Impostors

The 11 Commandments

Useless Scientific Theories

Jesus was not a Jew

How to Interpret the News

Whatever Happened to the Hebrew Tribes?

The Demonization of Arabs and Muslims

Of Adoption and Surrogacy

The Pope’s Extravagance

A Simple Cure for Multiple Sclerosis?

Where is Satan now?

Vomiting on Jesus

Was Einstein really a Genius?

How Atheists Do God’s Will

The US/Israeli Relationship

America’s Syrian Nightmare

Why the US Lost the Middle East to Putin

POTUSes are all the same

When Money is the Problem

The Consequences of Sin

Imperial Warmongering

The War on Christianity

The Trinity Doctrine is NOT in the Bible

The Chosen People Syndrome

Is Mary the Mother of God?

The Corrupt Federal Reserve is NOT Federal

Lost in Translation

How to become a Christian

Anti-Semitism is a trick? Oh Dear!

When Prophecies Echo

X-Men and the Theory of Evolution

The Heart Adjustment

Puzzled Scientists

Of Healing and Miracles

The Family is God’s Plan

Of Authority and Christians

Of Fornication, Divorce, and Adultery

Of Legalism and Christians

Of Leaders and Servants in the Church

Beware of Pharmacology

Confusion in God’s House?

Racist Israeli Oppressors/Terrorists

Church Services Are NOT Biblical

Understanding the DUTIES of Ministry

Ministry MONEY and the Tithe Lie

Who Should Christians Give their Money to?

Pray for the Peace of which Jerusalem?

Has God planned BIG things for our lives?

All wars are evil. Period.

Israel Prepares for the Next War

The Biblical Marriage Blueprint

Sex and the Christian

The Downfall of Apartheid Israel

The Evil of Rapture Theology

The Apocalypse of A.D. 70

Israel: the Scourge of Empires

Are Jews the Israelites of the Bible?

Are Jews the Israelites of the Bible? (Shorter Version)

A simple solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem

Is America cursed because of Israel?

The Greatest Injustice of the 20th Century

Israel is the Problem

Judaism or Pharisaism


The Hebrews

The Ashkenazim

The Sephardim

The Samaritans

Israel 1948


Jesus in Prophecy

Jews did not kill Jesus

An Urgent Appeal to Christians who Support Israel

John Hagee is not a Christian

Palestine before the Zionists stole it

Zionism vs Judaism

Easter, the Church, and the Jews

Passion Week: Truth and Fiction

The Meaning of the Word Easter

Is Christmas Pagan?

That Christmas Feeling


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