How To Become A Christian

C H U R C H   R E F O R M   S E R I E S
Salvation And Water & Holy Spirit Baptisms

By Biblicism Institute

God gifted us with Salvation to wash away our sins, with Water Baptism to renew our lives, and with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to keep His Fire burning inside us until the day we cash in our inheritance.

Jesus and Sin

“Comprehend the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of Christ.” Ephesians 3:18


Ask yourself these fundamental questions.

Can a sinful person stand before a sinless God?

Can an imperfect man stand in the presence of a perfect Creator?

No and Yes.

On your own you can’t do it.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” Romans 3:23

“He will say… ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.’ ” Matthew 25:41

But with Christ you can. Yes, you can.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

God sent Jesus to be the propitiation for our sins.

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

In other words, God’s wrath, which was supposed to fall on us on Judgment Day, fell on Jesus who took our place on the cross.

“He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.” Romans 4:25

Jesus’s sacrifice was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah seven centuries before Christ.

“But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, and by His scourging we are healed. All of us like sheep have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; but the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him.” Isaiah 53:5,6

When you accept Christ’s sacrifice, His blood washes you clean.

” ‘Come now, let us settle the matter,’ says the LORD. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.’ ” Isaiah 1:18

“…wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7

“For this is my blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Matthew 26:28

Jesus then comes and makes His abode with you.

“Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.” John 14:23

“I and the Father are one.” John 10:30

Thus, the two of you become one person, one Life.

“If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness.” Romans 8:10

With the gift of Christ in you, the perfect God will see the perfect Son in you.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8

The reason Jesus gives Himself to you as a gift is for the express purpose of making you like Him, a doer of good works and a conqueror of sinful flesh. And the only way to do good works and overcome iniquity is to follow all of God’s enduring commandments.

“Whoever says ‘I know him’ but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him, but whoever keeps his word, in him truly the love of God is perfected.”  1 John 2:4

Consequently, the process of salvation is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

“That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.” Romans 10: 9-10

Believe in Him. Live for Him according to His commandments. Die in Him. Be with Him. And you won’t have to fear death no more because Heaven awaits in Eternity.


“Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.” Luke 14: 27

One must voluntarily accept to be saved and baptized.

If you were dedicated as a baby in the Catholic Church, for instance, that was not baptism and salvation. That was a dedication to God performed by your parents.

Salvation and Baptism are decisions that must be taken by individuals fully aware of their importance and attached duties.

“Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.” Mark 16: 16

You must first believe in order to repent of your sins, make a commitment to Jesus, and then be baptized. A baby cannot believe.

With Water Baptism you are buried and raised with Christ, while forever interring your old ways. As you rise out of the water you are in newness of life.

“Having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead.” Colossians 2:12

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is to receive the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the Pledge of your eternal inheritance. The Holy Spirit is the Helper who keeps God’s Fire burning in your heart as you walk the Christian walk.

“He sealed us and gave us the pledge of the Spirit in our hearts.” 2 Corinthians 1:22

The way the Holy Spirit keeps the fire burning is by helping you become like Christ and getting you to produce the fruit of the Spirit. If there’s one verse you want to memorize, it’s this one:

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5: 22-23

Faithfulness is to God’s commandments.

“If you love me, keep my commands.” John 14:15

One More Thing

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

Accepting the way, the truth, and the life of Jesus to reach the Father is not to be construed as an exercise of mental assent or a robotically regurgitated prayer of salvation.

What it means foremost is, the way of Jesus, the truth of Jesus, and the life of Jesus (i.e., everything Christ is and represents, or the fruit of the Spirit) need to be a constant in your everyday life.

“For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law who will be justified.” Romans 2:13

In other words, salvation in Christ is a daily, ongoing process: you have to use your free gift of faith in the Lord to work at it.

“Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed–not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence–continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12

 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2:26

If you are ready to mark this day by making a commitment to Christ and receiving His salvation and gifts of Baptisms, and if you are willing to carry your cross and daily follow His ways, then do the following:

+ The Prayer That Starts The Salvation Process

Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart:

“Heavenly Father, I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary in order to pay the price for my sins which I ask you to forgive in His name, and I also believe that He rose from the dead.  I ask that the Holy Spirit seal my redemption and help me follow your laws and your ways as I work out my salvation for the glory of Your name. From this day forward I live my life for You as You live in me. In Jesus’s name I pray.”

Welcome to the family of God!

Baptism of jesusNow please find a fellow Christian to baptize you in Water and in the Holy Spirit (and if you really can’t find someone, just do them yourself).

+ Water Baptism And Its Prayer

Find a body of water (ocean, river, lake, pool, etc.) and wear appropriate clothing. The person performing your water baptism prays this prayer for you:

“Heavenly Father, I baptize and bury (person being baptized) in the death and burial of your Son, Jesus the Christ. (person being baptized) forsakes his/her old ways and pledges to follow yours. He/She shall rise with the resurrected Christ and walk in newness of life. In Jesus’s name I pray.”

You are then quickly and fully immersed (Baptizo is from the Greek and means Submersion), followed by your emerging out of the water.

+ Baptism Of The Holy Spirit With The Laying On Of Hand And Its Prayer

The person baptizing you lays his/her hand on your forehead, and prays this prayer:

Baptism of HS“Heavenly Father, I baptize (person being baptized) in the Fire of the Holy Spirit. I pray that you seal his/her salvation and that you imbue him/her with power from on high. May the spiritual gifts that you have reserved for him/her manifest themselves in his/her life. In Jesus’s name I pray.”

Upon the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (or a bit later on your own), you might find yourself speaking or praying in tongues.

If it sounds like gibberish to you, it’s not. It’s a heavenly language. Let it out.

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels…” 1 Corinthians 13:1


1) He helps us become like Christ by getting us to produce the fruit of the Spirit.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5: 22-23

2) He intercedes on our behalf. The way He does that is by causing us to pray in tongues. To the skeptics, praying in tongues may sound like gibberish, but it’s not. It’s a heavenly language.

“Likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groans which cannot be uttered.” Romans 8:26

“One who speaks in tongues edifies himself…” 1 Corinthians 14:4

3) He teaches us and guides us.

...the Holy Spirit .. will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” John 14:26

He enlightens the word of God (i.e., the Bible) for us, making it go beyond intellectual assent and causing it to coalesce deep inside our spirit man (i.e., He teaches us). Then He reminds us of it, warning us when we’re about to do something that God forbids, or egging us on when God wants us to step into whatever service (the Duties Of Ministry and the Everyday Life Ministry) He has prepared for us.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

The Holy Spirit mostly reminds us of God’s written word because God doesn’t want the unscrupulous to attribute to Him things He never said. For example, if someone dares say that following the lead of the Holy Spirit they have come to realize that God no longer considers fornication to be a sin, then we would immediately know that they are lying because according to God’s laws fornication IS a sin. Consequently, the Holy Spirit and God’s written word form a system of checks and balances.

The more we study the word, the more the Holy Spirit helps us cleave to the truth. The more we live out God’s commandments, the more sensitive we become to His guidance, the more cleansed our mind, the more attuned our soul, and the more fruitful our work.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to help in said manners, we are thus walking by the Spirit.

“But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh, for these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you want to do. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Galatians 5: 16-21

However, when we do not walk by the Spirit, we fulfill the desires of the flesh. And unfortunately, when we gratify these passions we must be ready to suffer the various consequences of sin.

“Without holiness no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12: 14


Prayer is not vain repetitions using a string of prayer beads.

“But when you pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.” Matthew 6:7

Prayer is an opportunity to meditate and commune with God, which many times includes heartfelt requests.

“Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Philippians 4:6

It is also an occasion to praise and thank God.

“Through Him (Jesus) then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.” Hebrews 13:15

We are commanded to only pray to God the Father, in the name of Jesus.

“This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven…’ ” Matthew 6:9

Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14: 13

“For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus…” 1 Timothy 2:5

Prayer is not an opportunity to indulge the flesh.

“When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.” James 4:3


Pray that God guide you as you read the Bible (one without commentary) and apply what you learn. And if you commit to reading three chapters daily, you should be able to go through the entire Bible in one year.

As you study to show yourself approved, and as you endeavor to understand the various duties expected of you, you should delve in our Church Reform series. That section is for Christians who want a true biblical foundation to build their lives on.

God Bless You! See you in Heaven!

“For the scriptures say, Whosoever believes on him shall not be ashamed.” Romans 10:11


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22 thoughts on “How To Become A Christian

  1. I’ve done that. Is there any advice for then joining a church and fellowshipping? See, there are many churches around where I live, but they are messed up. And if I (and I have) start talking some of the ideas presented in your website, it is like I am just patted on the head and I get the impression that there is a feeling like “isn’t it cute how these new Christians are so passionate.” No churches meet in homes anymore, and people don’t each bring their own gift to a gathering.


    • Very good question though very tough to answer as you can imagine and as you are currently experiencing.

      However, first, we would advise you to pray and seek God’s guidance instead of ours because the Holy Spirit is a better Counselor than we are.

      Second, that said, we’re not sure whether you’re a just saved Christian or not. a) If you’re not just saved and you are married with your own well-behaved children and you are of good reputation, then start your own group with your own family and then after some time begin inviting other families by following the Church Gathering commands in 1 Cor 14 or read our article Church Services are not Biblical – but b) if you are a just saved Christian and single, we would advise that you throw yourself in the bible, prayer, and apply what you learn and if you have the calling to be an Evangelist, do that – See Understanding the duties of Ministry; and finally c) if you are just saved with your own family you can study the bible and pray with them and when you’re ready to put a biblical gathering together, the Holy Spirit will prompt you of your readiness.

      Still, if you want to meet other Christians you can visit some congregations as a means to fellowship and that way 1) [for a and c above] you might have a pool of people you can invite at some point to your home congregation or 2) [for b above] you might begin to explain to them the truth of the bible re: congregating.

      Again, that’s us advising from afar and not knowing all the details since there are many variables. But one thing is for sure, seek the Lord’s face and He will stir your heart accordingly. From experience, that NEVER fails.

      And remember, the purpose of biblical congregation is mostly to encourage one another and to apply one’s spiritual gifts. If you can’t congregate, then encourage yourself in the Lord until such time as God creates the opportunity for you to do so. Meanwhile discover your spiritual gifts and nurture them until the Holy Spirit creates the venue for you to use them.

      Blessings to you and don’t give up because God has something for you that only He can tell you and give you.

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      • I was reared in our local Methodist Church. I thank God every day that I was dragged there kicking and screaming, because the seed was planted, and when I hit the wall under the weight of my sins I knew who to call on and where to go. I was “sprinkled” at church as a youth, but never once in the years I attended heard anything about being born again, or about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I can look back now and understand how dead the services were. I’m not trying to sell anyone a church or the show that takes place there, but it was in a Pentecostal church that I was born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit. I do enjoy the freedom to be myself there, and feel as though I am a participant in our worship. We do emphasize the need to meet in smaller groups and explore the Gifts and how we can develop them and use them in edifying each other. I have been a member of our “church” for ten years, and am still new to my walk with Christ, I admit that I still lean on “church” and my fellow congregants to assist me in the many areas where my knowledge is limited. Thirty years a drunk, but today my life is exciting and fulfilling.


        • Great testimony. Do agree with you on the need to be biblically versed, but you have to rely on your own study and on the Holy Spirit, as many things in the “church” (whatever the denomination) are biblically wrong and thus against God’s word. Check out our Church Reform section.


    • You need to confess to another person that you do believe that Jesus died on the cross. A confession is always to another human being!

      Do not join a church but read your bible, go before the Lord, be quiet and listen. Do this every day!


      • Romans 10: 9 says to “confess with your mouth”, you are the one who added to another person. One can confess with one’s mouth to God. And the other question that arises is “what if one is mute?”. The spirit of that verse is to really “believe in your heart” like Romans 9 says. After all, one can confess with one’s mouth and not really believe.

        “everyone who believes in him will have eternal life.” John 3:15

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  2. Thank you for your response. I have a family, so I think I will try to take that leadership to align more directly with what the Bible says. In some ways it doesn’t feel right to think of myself as a leader, or head of my wife. We talked about it and she was kind of like “Okaaaaaay….” If that last sentence is hard to interpret, it is had for me to interpret, too, except that I picked up on some underlying ambivalence.
    I’m not young, but I’m not old and wise, and I feel some absence of the type of elders/bishops that you mentioned in another post. An elder (one of only two) from our church (PCA btw) was over at our house for dinner and we discussed some things I had been thinking about before even coming by your blog. I mentioned how it was like the church was just a series of meetings, but not really a fellowship. He mentioned the “home groups”. I said, Sure, I go to home group, and you have a few minutes where you get the coffee and everyone says how great it is to see you, and how is your week going so far? And the same thing happens after church for a few minutes. My point to him was, are people meeting up to go on hikes together, to go to the museum together, to babysit each other’s children, or to just go get cannoli’s on a nice evening? He admitted, no, not really, and that it was understood that that was a problem with the church, and that the pastor understood this as well.
    Everyone is too busy is what we came down to agree on. I know when work gets busy for me, 9 months can pass and I only see my family a few hours a week. At least that’s how it was much of 2014. This year has been different; a blessing and a challenge.


    • Good. Take it step by step and it’ll align further. The Okaaaaay will soon turn into “Alright!”. You’ll see. Just start doing what you need to do and God will make it fall into place.

      As for the comment re: church, we’ve all been there. It’s okay. Without that experience we’d never know what was wrong to make it better when we start doing it God’s way.

      Go and make it happen, brother!


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  3. What happens when you sin as a Christian?
    I’ve been grievously wronged by a family of Christians. A Christian mentor tells me they will still go to Heaven, because they have accepted Jesus as their personaliSation a and are once saved watershed.

    Meanwhile, I have a very close and good friend who acts like a Christian, but for some unfathomable reason doesn’t know Jesus. I’ve tried to approach the subject, but it never seems to work.
    Anyway, according to ths reasoning, he’s going to Hell


  4. Dear brother: Regarding speaking in new tongues, the Bible makes it clear that this gift of the Holy Spirit is the possibility to speak with existing earthly languages. It’s already clear in Acts 2 where the apostles received the Holy Spirit. Let’s start with John 15:26:

    “But when the Comforter comes” (said Jesus) “whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, wich proceedeth from the Father, he shall TESTIFY OF ME. And ye shall also BEAR WITNESS because ye have been with Me from the beginning.”

    “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost comes upon you; AND YE SHALL BE WITNESSES UNTO ME BOTH IN jERUSALEM, AND IN ALL JUDEA, AND IN SAMARIA, AND UNTO THE UTTERMOST PART OF THE EARTH.” (Acts 1:8)
    (Jesus mentioned the HolySpirit here in connection with witnessing of Him (= preaching the Gospel of Jesus; the first place where the apostles would preach was in Jerusalem.)
    “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together and were confounded, BECAUSE THAT EVERY MAN HEARD THEM SPEAK IN HIS OWN LANGUAGE. And they were all amazed and marvelled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all this which speak Galileans? AND HOW HEAR WE EVERY MAN IN OUR OWN TONGUE WHEREIN WE WERE BORN? Parthians, Medes, and Elamites, and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, and in Judea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus and Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and the parts of Lybia, about Cyrene, strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes, Cretes and Arabians, WE DO HEAR THEM SPEAK IN OUR TONGUES THE WONDERFUL WORKS OF GOD.” (Acts 2:1-11)

    Do you see the connection? Holy Spirit, Witnessing of Jesus (=the wonderful works of God)? And the first place where the apostles did preach the Gospel, was Jerusalem just as Jesus had commanded them to do.

    Now we come to the second point: there where people received the Holy Spirit, it was in places (or regions) which were at that time very important and known trade centers: Ephesus and Corinth for example. This means that these places were visited by merchants and tourists out of different places of the world. These people didn’t understand the language of the environment of the city. Yet, it was necessary that they, too, should hear the Gospel. And as they were unfamiliar with the indigenous language of the city (or region), God gave the apostles the opportunity to address these visitors in their own language in order they became familiar with the Gospel of Jesus. And that’s why the Corinthian Christians spoke with many existing and earthly languages, and that’s why the twelve men spoke in understandable languages at Ephesus after they were baptised in the Name of Jesus by Paul; they were already baptised but only in the baptism of John. (Acts 19:1-7) After that, these men were now able to preach the Gospel with the language of the strangers who resided in Ephesus at that time, a language which these twelve men didn’t learn before.

    Corinthians 12: Regarding the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    One of the gifts of the Spirit is (as we have seen by now) speaking in strange but understandable languages.

    “To another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues.” (verse 10)

    The words “diverse kinds” mean “more than one” in this case “more than one language.” So, it means that one Christian was able to speak in more languages than just one language. Besides that, an interpreter or translator was needed to interpret that what was said by a Christian from outside who didn’t know the indigenous language of the region.

    Acts 16: The conversion of the Roman guard.

    When the keeper of the prison in which Paul and Silas were jailed, asked the two apostles what to do to become saved, they answered him: “Believe on the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” After that, the keeper accepted Jesus as Lord. “And when he had brought them into his house, he set meat before them and rejoiced, believing in God with all his house.” (verse 33) Unlike the aforementioned examples of people who believed and received the Holy Spirit coupled with speaking in strange tongues, the keeper didn’t speak in other languages. Why not? Because he and his family lived in an environment in which all the residents spoke the same language! He too did receive the Holy Spirit just as the Corinthians and the apostles on the day of Pentecost but it was not necessary for him to speak in other languages he could announce the Gospel in his own indigenous language. Now, what do we learn from all this:

    There is no such a thing as “speaking in charismatic tongues.” The tongues which were spoken at that time were really human tongues. Furthermore, there is no example whatsoever in the Bible in which we read of just one example of “speaking in charismatic tongues” (i.e. as the charismatic movement do) There is a lot more to say about this subject (1 Corinthians 14) but I hope this will be sufficient to make it clear that the tongues in which the apostles spoke, were existing earthly tongues, meant for those who preached the Gospel to those people who were strangers and couldn’t understand the indigenous language of the region in which they temporally resided.


      • My dear brother in Christ:

        1) Thank you very much for your reply. Let me first say this: You are a wonderful Christian who exposes evil. You are also very wise and I have to say, I have learned much more thanks to your wisdom regarding the Scriptures. I, myself, have learned much from the Scriptures by studying them. Now, let’s take 1 Corinthians 13:1. It is true; Paul speaks her of “the tongues of men and of angels.” We can’t deny it because this verse makes very clear that there is also a tongue “of angels.” Now, if we ought to pray in tongues to “edify” ourselves, this means that all Christians ought to pray in tongues to edify themselves, isn’t? I mean, this gift ought to be available for all Christians. Yet, you and I are undoubtedly familiar with Christians who don’t (for whatever reason) speak in heavenly tongues. Now, how do they edify themselves if they don’t have this gift? Do they have missed something? And remember, the verse in which Paul speaks about tongues “of angels” is just one verse.

        2) Now, for a good and clear understanding of this subject, let’s begin with 1 Corinthians 12:28-30:

        “And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healing, helps, governments, diversities of tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles? Have all the gifts of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret?”

        Paul says here that God has ordained some people as apostles, others as prophets, some as teachers, others as workers of miracles and so on. Then, Paul asks the question, “Are all apostles, prophets, teachers, workers of miracles (and so on.) The answer on these questions must be met with a resounding “No.” Not everyone is an apostle, prophet, teacher etc.) And so is it with those who are speaking with other tongues.

        3) Now, for a good understanding, let’s with this knowledge in mind go to 1 Corinthians 14.

        “For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God; for no man understandeth him, howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries. But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself, but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.” (verses 2-4)

        Now, what do we read here? Here is someone who speaks in an unknown tongue and no one is able to understand him except God Himself. What is the meaning here? The reason that only God is able to understand what this man is praying is that no one of the rest of the church is able to understand him because he who is praying is doing this in his own tongue, his own language which the other members of the church can’t understand. God Himself is the Creator of all tongues because He created them during the building of the tower of Babel! (Genesis 11:1-9) Another one, however, who has the gift of prophesying that prophecy in a tongue with which the members of the church are familiar with, are edified by this prophesy.

        We shall continue now with 1 Corinthians 14:

        “I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied; for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues EXCEPT HE INTERPRET, THAT THE CHURCH MAY RECEIVE EDIFYING.” (verse 5)

        Do we understand what Paul says here? The one who is prophesying is greater than he who speaks in tongues provided that the last one is able to translate what he has said in a tongue which is unknown for all the other members of the church. And this means, of course, that interpreters are necessary. Now, if Paul meant to say that this is about heavenly languages as you try to prove with 1 Corinthians 14:4, why says Paul that an interpreter is needed? I myself have visited a church in which people were speaking in “heavenly languages.” But there was never an interpreter! There was, however, an interpreter when an English-speaking preacher from America or England came by because not everyone of that church could understand English! Do you know what I mean? This foreign preacher spoke to us in a language of which some didn’t understand what he was saying. And believe me: he didn’t spoke to us in a “heavenly language!”

        Verse 6:

        “Now, brethren, if I come unto you speaking with tongues” (which you don’t understand), “what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation, or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by doctrine” (with a tongue, a language which you can understand)?

        Do we know what Paul is saying here? If he comes to them, speaking in a tongue (or tongues) with which they are not familiar with, they don’t profit from it. But if Paul comes to them with a revelation, knowledge or a doctrine in their own indigenous language, they will profit from it. Now, my dear brother in Christ, I would advise you to read 1 Corinthians 14 very carefully. Please, let me know with which you agree or disagree with.

        Your dear brother and friend in Christ: Ton.


        • 1) Thank you. As to tongues – Please Read our article Speaking in Tongues

          2) Read Understanding the Duties of Ministry

          3) Read our article Speaking in Tongues

          Now, dear brother, our advise is for you to let go of that hang up and predisposition that you harbor. Otherwise, you’ll never truly understand these passages. It seems to us – we may be wrong, if so, apologies – you are trying to morph your own beliefs into these verses. Take a step back. Pray God to enlighten you. Let it percolate. Then you can see clearly. And if in the end you don’t want to speak in tongues, don’t. Pick your own tools in the arsenal, no biggie.

          Blessings. And continue your study of the Word. Kudos and farewell.


  5. I’m glad I found this site. Lately, I’ve been feeling uprooted, reading tons of articles and books and also watching youtube videos that deal with conspiracy theories and the like. Like many people, including some of my best friends, this leaves me with a sense of profound confusion. It’s kind of like not knowing what to believe because some of these stories and theories are very provocative and there is evidence that seems to point in certain direction. But you can never trust unsourced material (well, I can’t) and you can’t trust evidence always either. So where does that leave you if you’re untethered? I’ll admit to anyone that I believe in Christ and no matter what I’ve read over the years I’ve still always kept that belief ableit though it has been strained at times. I still am not sure what the big picture is and I still like to engage in discussion about it. This does not shake my belief becasue I recognize I don’t have all the information. I was dedicated but not baptised, by your reckoning. Because I’m not certain and because of other reasons, such as your thought provoking analysis of Revelation, I think I need to be rebaptised. It’s plain to me now. Even though I am likely not saved, I have felt the spirit move me, even from the depths of an addiction and was primarily the thing that brought me through it. If this is but a trickle of the inspiration I could have after being re-baptised and submerged, then I can harly wait. I have no problems professing belief and I could tell you some sad stories of what happens to those who float on the open sea with no tether. It is because of things I’ve witnessed and that have happened that I think I’m finally ready and grateful I’ve survived to do so. Thanks to you for spreading the news. Your interpretation of Revelations is interesting. I’ve read it before and have read criticisms of this theory but when it comes to Interpreting revelations, it’s pretty good.


  6. Some churches preach “one ocean, many boats,” an attitude towards the gift of salvation made possible by Jesus that it denies that people even must accept His way of life before their death, that indeed such people think that Jesus will gladly welcome Muslims into heaven.


    • True Christians who follow Christ’s commandments will make it into heaven and escape Judgment of Condemnation. That’s the beauty of being a true Christian.

      Forgiveness is asked by the Christian, and then granted by God while the Christian is still alive, repentant, and living for Christ; hence there’s no sweating before the Throne of God on Judgment Day, only a welcome hug from the Creator Himself.

      “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Matthew 25:23

      Still, the many so-called Christians who don’t really live the Christian life will not escape Judgment of Condemnation.

      “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.” 2 Corinthians 5:10

      However, many non-Christians, including Muslims, whose moral lives resemble those of true Christians, will also inherit eternal life, but they’ll have to wait Judgment Day to find out.

      In other words, salvation is not a robotically regurgitated prayer that pays lip service to the Lord. It is obedience to His commandments.

      “For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law who will be justified.” Romans 2:13

      Jesus came to be the Savior of the whole world (i.e., He came to spur all men, without exception, into duplicating His way and His life by following His commandments).

      “We have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.” 1 Timothy 4:10

      Consequently, when one becomes a True Christian who follows God’s commandments, one is no longer in doubt about one’s destiny since God Himself is the One molding the believer into the image of His Son.


  7. I would like to inquire about the so-called Baptism done by the catholic/protestant/baptist and other church type denominations if they are done to according to the word or law of God, the reason I am asking is I was so-called Baptised at least 12 years ago in a Baptist church


    • What matters during baptism is the disposition in one’s heart and one’s awareness and understanding of what baptism is, not the intention or understanding with which others do things.

      “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice…” Philippians 1:18

      However, if you feel that your own disposition and understanding was wrong when you were baptized and if you are led by the Holy Spirit to do it again and this time properly, then do so.

      “So I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward both God and man.” Acts 24:16


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