The Greatest Injustice of the 20th Century

is still ongoing
C H U R C H   R E F O R M    S E R I E S

By Biblicism Institute

It was the greatest theft ever orchestrated.

Palestine - 120 Years Ago - 1 Palestine - 120 Years Ago
Palestine - 120 Years Ago - 2 Palestine - 120 Years Ago - 3
Palestine 1890-1900

In the 1900s, Ashkenazi and European Zionist Jews, under the same pretext as that used by the so called Zionist “Christian” Crusaders of the Middle Ages, flooded into Palestine, armed with terror and violence, and backed by the imperial might of Britain.

Many political analysts and historians of that time saw the Jewish invasion of Palestine as a British imperial project, this time using Zionist Jews as cannon fodder, much like Zionist “Christians” were used when the Crusaders’ goal was to plunder the area and control the Mediterranean for European powers.

Now the British empire wanted a beachhead to maintain the Middle East divided and in constant turmoil, so as to conquer and control the Arabs who control the oil, while keeping their own hands on the wells’ spigots.

It was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The Empire got an outpost, and the Ashkenazi Jews – who lost their country, Khazaria, and were searching for a new land – were handed Palestine which in 1948 they renamed Israel in order to hoodwink gullible Christians in the West.

However, the Palestinian people were dispossessed of their homes, with millions of them currently refugees in other countries.

Palestinian Refugee Camp

Palestinian Refugee Camp


“It is certain that there is no ethnic or racial continuum between the Biblical Israelites and the (Ashkenazic) Khazarians who lead the Jewish state,” explained Jewish writer and musician Gilad Atzmon.

Those who today are known as Jews – the converted Ashkenazim, SephardimSamaritans, Europeans, Africans, etc. – are not of the seed of Abraham and especially not of Jacob’s or Israel’s.

All of the above are converts to Judaism/Pharisaism and are not the Chosen People since they are not of the Semitic lineage of the 12 Hebrew tribes. In other words, they’re not the Hebrews of the Bible – all the Hebrews are dead.

Consequently, they can’t claim the land of Palestine, which they have stolen, as their Abrahamic inheritance. In a just court of law their self-ascribed right to hold on to the land would be thrown out – even after most countries of the world were bribed and bullied by Britain and the US to shamelessly sanction such disgraceful thievery at the United Nations in 1948.

To further mask their larceny, the Jews repudiated their Yiddish dialect and resurrected the dead Hebrew tongue after centuries in the dustbin of oblivion in order to make it modern Israel’s official language. Such barefaced deception did not, cannot, and will not change their non-Hebraic origin, much like parking a Subaru in a Lamborghini dealership won’t turn it into a Veneno Roadster.

In addition, most Jews follow the man-inspired Talmud, full of Babylonian superstitions, and not the God-inspired Old Testament where God’s promises and commandments are recorded. Only Torah Jews follow the Old Testament’s Pentateuch, and they believe that Jews should not be occupying Palestine. They recognize only the current Palestinian government.

True Torah Jews vs Israel

If one is dead set on applying ancestry and racial stock as to who should inherit the land of Palestine, then the Arabs clearly win – the Palestinian Arabs to be more precise. For Arabs,  including cultural Arabs such as Chaldeans, Assyrians, Aramaics, Phoenicians, and Syriacs, are the only living bloodline descendants of Abraham and the only true Semites, not converted Jews. And the Palestinian Arabs have inhabited the land for close to 2000 years.

Ironically, Judea and Samaria of the Bible (i.e., the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel) are today mostly inside the West Bank of Palestine (aptly named Judea and Samaria even by thieving, murdering Zionists) and not inside Modern Israel.


Israel stops at nothing to hold on to a land they have no business holding on to. They bomb and kill and maim, while their shills in the western media lie, distort the truth, and at times invent wholesale “facts on the ground”.

     Apartheid Wall 2Israel burns baby

Israels War CrimesThese Zionist Jews are nothing but shameless thieves, murderers, impostors, racists, and liars. But the greatest shame is that many so-called “Christians”, along with the great western powers, constantly side with them.

“Evil men do not understand justice…” Proverbs 28:5


We’ll let God Himself pen it:

“For I the LORD love justice, I hate robbery …” Isaiah 61:8

“Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man.” Genesis 9:6

Appeal: Every conscientious individual should implement a personal boycott of Israel and everything made there.

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13 thoughts on “The Greatest Injustice of the 20th Century

  1. It’s about time the world woke up to right that wrong. The Palestinian people have suffered enough. How does anyone support such evil by the Israelis?


  2. One could understand (not agree with) that prior to Human Rights and the Modern World, things like this could occur without an outcry. However, in this 21st Century, for something like this to be ongoing is truly a blot in the world’s escutcheon. Shame on the world! Shame on the Jews!


  3. Jews need to return to Ukraine where they came from. That’s the only way for it to be peace in the region. They’re not Semites but Europeans.


  4. It is a sad state of affair for something like this to occur; especially by a group of people, Jews, who always pretend to be the victims when they’re the victimizers. The hypocrisy alone is enough to make one throw up. Now, the fact that the US is paying for this to happen adds a whole other dimension of hypocrisy. And finally, the fact that the world still deals with Israel makes one want to give up on humanity. It’s time for Israel to go the way of Sparta.


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